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Apart from manufacturing cleaning agents, vanBaerle has for many years provided services aimed at promoting cleanliness and efficiency.

You too can benefit from our expertise. Why not accept our offer of professional support based on our best-practice methods?

Our services will help you save time, improve cleaning quality, streamline resources and cut costs. 

Relacare® – All-Round Hygiene Service

A wealth of expertise gathered over many decades makes vanBaerle the ideal partner in all areas of sustainable hygiene management. We know exactly what needs to be done in order to protect human health and the environment. But compliance with statutory requirements is equally important. Thanks to our in-depth experience, we are fully conversant with all relevant Swiss cantonal specifications and inspection procedures.

In the kitchen and catering sectors, all site-specific risk analyses for food companies are based on the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) principle set out in the Codex Alimentarius (food code for health protection in catering). For laundry applications, we apply the RABC (Risk Analysis and Biocontamination Control) quality management system.

All-Round Protection With Threefold Hygiene Quality

Dovetailed to your needs. Our hygiene inspections. 
Regular, sustainable hygiene checks are the perfect addition to your hygiene management system, bringing long-term benefits through streamlined procedures. This will yield significant savings in terms of time, money and resources.

van Baerle Hygiene Control

Our Hygiene Concepts. Tailored to Your Business.

You to can reap the benefits of our expertise. Our profound understanding of all the relevant issues enables us to provide you with potent solutions that have delivered outstanding results in practice. After conducting a detailed survey, our hygiene advisers will develop a customized hygiene concept that precisely matches your needs. 

vanBaerle Hygiene Concept

Raising Hygiene Awareness. Our Hygiene Training.

Regular hygine training programs will give you confidence in dealing with sensitive hygiene issues while improving staff protection  and saving valuable time that is better spent on catering for your guests.

van Baerle Hygiene Training

A Contemporary Hygiene Management System Offers Nothing but Benefits:

  • Certainty that employees and guest are safe from any consequences of poor hygiene
  • Improved health protection for all concerned
  • Savings ub valuable time hat can be better spent on looking after guests
  • Considerable value protection for your real estateand movables
  • Optimized processes that allow moe rational use of your hygiene management resources 

Customer Service

Customer Advisor

Customer Advisers

Our customer advisers will carry out surveys conduct product tests and hold product training courses at your sites. They will give advice, recommend product solutions and cleaning systems, explain the operating principles and application of cleaning equipment and compile all the associated working documentation. 

vanBaerle Service Technician

Technical Support

Our maintenance technicians will visit you at regular, individually agreed intervals. They will provide proactive support in all technical matters. They will take preventative action through the installation, programming and maintenace of dosing and cleaning systems. They will troubleshoot technical faults, check performance quality and optimize functions and dosages.

vanBearle Customer Service

Service Centre

Our service centre employees will accept and process your orders. They are responsible for customer relations, will maintain telephone contact with you and are your first point of contact on all hygiene-related issues.