Why Getting to Visually Clean and Beyond is Essential

Cleaning issues can have far reaching impacts to your bottom line and your brand.
An effective cleaning process can help stop these issues from happening.

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  • Regulations commonly require personal care and cosmetic products not to be altered or contaminated. 
  • Residue carryover from previous batches or microbiological contamination can cause quality issues.
  • Brand image damage, lost batches and product recalls can all be a result of contamination. 
  • More than simple risk mitigation, getting to visually clean and beyond requires strong cleaning and sanitization programs. 
  • Cleaning programs are becoming increasingly essential to achieving compliance, meeting consumer demands, and protecting the revenue and growth of your business.

Learn Best Practices to Remove Hard-to-Clean Cosmetics Residues

When evaluating common cleaning challenges, certain soils present a tougher challenge than others when getting to visually clean. Some of the most challenging seen in our laboratory cleaning studies include charcoal, foundations, sunscreens, toothpaste and creams based on zinc oxide. This guide walks you through technical recommendations and solutions to tackle these challenges.

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Helping You Get To Visually Clean and Beyond

Ecolab can help you get to clean more efficiently by effectively removing product residues and
contaminants and helping mitigate risks in cleaning and sanitization procedures.

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Ecolab COSA range of products

Ecolab Cleaning and Sanitization Programs

Ecolab offers a broad portfolio of sophisticated, fit-for-purpose products designed specifically for the challenges of personal care production operations — with chemistries targeted to attack the tough soils and persistent residues to get you to visually clean. Our disinfectants give you extra assurance to go beyond visually clean with antimicrobial agents. Additionally, our chemistry helps prevent the residues that can build up in pipes that can happen when cleaning with water. 

Technical Support and Validation Consultancy 

Ecolab provides on-site assessment and evaluation of all your existing cleaning and disinfection SOPs. This assessment can help reveal any issues with cleanability, efficiency or regulatory concerns that are negatively impacting your production performance or brand.

Ecolab Life Sciences Experts

Operator Training and Support

Ecolab provides continuous support and expertise to help you implement and adapt your cleaning program and application techniques to remain reliable and efficient as your product portfolio evolves. Additionally, our technical teams can conduct on-site training to ensure that best practices are understood and implemented correctly to meet the quality standards at your facility.

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Improve Safety, Compliance and Operational Efficiency

Our personal care experts and end-to-end global solutions can help personal care and cosmetic leaders optimize and elevate their operations. We can help:

Reduce long-term costs
Conserve water
Clean thoroughly for the first time
Protect your product from contamination risks

Contact Personal Care and Cosmetic Cleaning Experts

Contact us today to learn how Ecolab can help you optimize and improve cleaning processes, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time manufacturing. We can help address difficult residue types to provide confidence that product quality is not impacted.

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Watch Our Cleaning Study for Personal Care and Cosmetics

Ecolab Life Sciences has a full team of laboratory experts who work with facilities like yours to develop cleaning recommendations. Learn more about how we partner with our customers to find the perfect cleaning solution that can help shorten cleaning time, improve efficiency and lower costs.

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Ecolab Cleaning Validation in Pharmaceutical Production

Are you able to get your equipment to visually clean?

Getting to visually clean is required by ISO 22716/2007: Cosmetics — Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Read our insight article, Visually Clean & Beyond, to learn more.
Tanks in a Personal Care and Cosmetics manufacturing plant

Going Beyond Visually Clean

While visually clean is a good starting point, are you sure that your equipment is free from residues and microbial contaminants? See our first hand insight on our work with a cosmetic company to ensure the cleanliness of their equipment.