IoShield Spray

IoShield™ Spray

Iodine Post-Milking Teat Spray

A double-performing sprayable shield for teat disinfection and protection after milking.

  • Premium disinfection by PVP Iodine
  • Long lasting Shield protection
  • Easy to spray
  • Easy to remove




IoShield™ Spray contains iodine, a notified active substance for the disinfection of teats for veterinary hygiene. Released by the unique PVP carrier and powered by Ecolab, an intensive bactericial, yeasticidal and virucidal disinfection, eliminates immediately the pathogens from the teats.

The quick drying polymerizing Shield, formed by IoShield Spray protects the teats from physical and microbial challenges from one milking session to the next. Clearly visible on the teats once applied, IoShield Spray®allows a quick and safe milking routine. Easy to remove, the formulation enables easier cleaning.


IoShield Spray disinfects the teats and protects them between milking. It is used as part of a herd health plan for the prevention of mammary infections and provides protection from pathogens outside the udder and the environment. IoShield Spray provides prevention and protection irrespective of any cow, herd or environmental challenges.

Packaging Product Code EAN Code Palletization
20kg 2327310 4028162327311 24
205kg 232915 4028162329155 4
1000kg 2329160 4028162329162 N/A


Not all packages are available in all countries. Please check with your local Ecolab sales representative to confirm availability.

New Shield Technology in a Spray: IoShield Spray

Ecolab introduces IoShield Spray with its innovative Shield Technology. Application of the product for post milking through manual sprayer and milking robot.

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