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IoShield Container


Iodine Post-Milking Teat Dip

Ecolab's IoShield builds a visible and breathable protective film that cares for the teat after each milking.

  • Hypoallergenic properties make the teat skin soft and supple
  • Ensures high quality milk
  • Cares for the skin and avoids irritations due to cold or dry weather
  • To be applied post-milking by dipping



Iodine active protective film for the disinfection and protection of cows’ teats after milking:

  • Powerful disinfection by iodine
  • Active polymerizing Shield
  • Optimum balance between resistance and elasticity, for teat comfort and for easier cleaning
  • It does not drip

The shield protects the teats’ duct from the introduction of microbes and dirt. IoShield is part of Ecolab program for the prevention of udder infections and mastitis.

Post-Milking Teat dip
Package Size Product Code Palletization
10 kg 2288660 60 units
20 kg 2267840 24 units
60 kg 2334800 8 units
210 kg 2267920 4 units
1000 kg 2268020 N/A


Not all packages are available in all countries. Please check with your local Ecolab sales representative to confirm availability.

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