Post-Milking Teat dip

Post-Milking Udder Care Products

Advancing Milk Quality

During milking, the teats’ duct doubles its diameter and takes up to two hours to resize and close. The duct is the only channel for the emission of milk but also for the entry of the germs. Post-milking disinfection should protect the teat from mastitis risk during this critical phase.

Our Post-Milking Range

Ecolab provides with a wide range of post-milking sanitizers and disinfectants that guarantees the maximum protection of the teats thanks to the technological innovations of its formulations:

"Shield" Technology
An exclusive polymer barrier that deletes contagious bacteria immediately after milking and provides strong physical protection against environmental bacteria between milking.

Dermoactive Properties
Our products contain dermoactive ingredients that protect and moisturize the skin of the teat.

Post-Milking Udder Care Products

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