Tackling the toughest challenge in hotel laundry

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A recent study conducted by Satisfaction Management Systems, a market research and consulting firm, found that 70 percent of laundry professionals in the lodging industry said stain removal was their biggest challenge. We developed our StainBlaster™ program to help them save time and money – while achieving great results that satisfy their guests.

To help laundries tackle tough stains and produce clean, white and soft results with every load, our team looked at ways to enhance the  StainBlaster™ product line.. We specifically formulated the proprietary products in our StainBlaster line to be effective on the toughest and most common stains in laundries – grease, oil, ink, blood, lipstick, body soils and food; foundation makeup, baseball clay and sunscreen; coffee, tea, wine, fruit juice and mildew; and even rust and iron.

Our stain removal products are part of our comprehensive laundry care solutions for the lodging and long-term care industries.

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For a typical 150-room hotel, the average cost of doing laundry is more than $200 per day. Over a year’s time, a 150-room hotel will spend approximately $75,000 on its laundry operation, and of that total, about 25 percent will be for linen replacement. By effectively removing stains, a hotel can help optimize its laundry operation and save money by reducing the need to purchase new linens. Not only can our StainBlaster program save customers time and money – it can improve guest satisfaction ratings and protect the hotel’s reputation.

  • 70% of laundry professionals in the lodging industry say stain removal is their biggest challenge
  • A typical 150-room hotel spends about $18,750 a year on linen replacement – about 25% of overall laundry costs
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