Incidin™ Pro

The aldhehyde-free concentrate for surfaces

Because of its SMART-BALANCED formulation, Incidin™ Pro brings a new standard to surface cleaning and disinfection.

Product Details


Our performance Your advantage
Broad spectrum efficacy with short contact times Incidin Pro’s antimicrobial efficacy is complimented by its short contact times and excellent material compatibility. Effective against bacteria, yeast and various viruses (including norovirus), Incidin Pro is suitable for high risk areas and a wide range of surfaces, from general wards and public areas to operating rooms and intensive care units.
Excellent cleaning efficacy and material compatibility It has been extensively tested on all surface types commonly found in the healthcare settings – from metals, linoleum and PVCs to ceramics, rubbers and plastics – with excellent results.
EN standards compliant Tests conducted to healthcare relevant EN standards confirmed the broad efficacy spectrum of Incidin Pro, including Norovirus, according to latest DVV and EN standard. See the table above for detailed test results.
Aldehyde-free formulation without perfume and dye The non-volatile and fragrance free ingredient system ensures a convenient and safe product use.


Incidin Pro is a liquid concentrate suitable for cleaning and disinfection of medical devices and all kind of surfaces in healthcare settings.


Dilute concentrate with water (max 30ºC) to the desired concentration. Wet entire surface with a sufficient amount of solution and leave to dry.

To achieve e.g. a 0.5% v/v solution prepare a 1:200 dilution with suitable water e.g. 5ml of Incidin Pro is added to 995ml of drinking water quality, giving a total volume of 1 litre.


100g contains the following active ingredients: 10.0g 2-Phenoxyethanol, 8.0g N,N-bis-(3-Aminopropyl) dodecylamine, 7.5g Benzalkoniumchloride.

For more information please refer to the product label/SDS.



Surface disinfection for medical products

Use biocides with caution. Always read the label and product information before use.


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