Between audit findings, quality control issues, or hitting limitations due to cleaning downtime, your CIP systems, and how you clean them, are more important than ever.

That’s why it’s always a wise choice to review your current cleaning regime, risk assessments and validation processes to see where there’s an opportunity to improve.

Pharma CIP unit with operator

While cleaning issues can have far reaching impacts to your bottom line and your brand, there are steps and controls you can take to help mitigate this from happening. One specific area is the cleaning process used for your critical processing equipment. Consider these key points:

  1. Audit findings related to cleaning and cleaning validation are growing
  2. Improving your cleaning process provides a key opportunity to expanding manufacturing capacity, while also helping prepare better for regulatory inspections.

Applying cleaning best practices from our GTC team can help pharmaceutical companies to improve their production goals, and reduce changeover times. Additionally, reviewing cleaning procedures periodically is key for cleaning efficiency. See an example of how this was achieved in our Granulator Application Optimization Case Study.

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Ecolab Life Sciences has a full team of laboratory experts to help you find the best cleaning solutions for your unique challenges.

Overcoming Common Cleaning Challenges

Review Our Insights and Webinars From Our Technical Experts

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  • Webinar: Special Cleaning Challenges in Oral Solid Dosage Manufacturing
    Understand the determining factors to get effective cleaning of equipment used in the processing of coatings in oral solid dosage forms.
  • Webinar: Critical Cleaning Process Parameter Identification and Cleaning Process Development
    Learn why basing your cleaning processes on past use or available cleaning chemicals on site may put you at risk of wasting product as well as 483s or warning letters. Learn how to use a risk-based approach to identify cleaning process parameters and intentionally develop the resulting processes.

Making Efficiency Easier — Ecolab can help

A Trusted Technical Partner To Ease Validation and Guide Cleaning Optimization

Ecolab's new GTC webinar series

Deep Regulatory Insights

Ecolab experts bring a full understanding of the latest regulatory requirements, leaning on our deep relationships with regulatory agencies to give inside perspective on regulatory trends. We can help you interpret how new standards and expectations impact your production operations, help you build a compliant CIP/COP program, and support your constant audit-readiness.

Ecolab CIP Optimization Services

Unmatched Validation Support

Validation is the biggest and most time- and cost-intensive hurdle. Fortunately, Ecolab has done extensive cleanability studies in the pharma industry, and can provide robust data to immediately support and streamline evidence-based validation. We’re also ready with full laboratory capabilities to conduct any additional cleanability studies needed to build out an evidence-based risk assessment.

Life Sciences Expert Assessment Consultation

Science-Based Consultative Expertise

Ecolab experts bring a science-based understanding of the complex chemistries that impact cleanability, across all TACT factors. We’re ready to apply our expertise to quickly identify inefficiencies in your cleaning SOPs — and indicate simple changes to drive significant improvements in cleaning effectiveness, consistency and efficiency.

Ecolab COSA range of products

Innovative Chemistry and Broad Product Portfolio

Just as a one-size-fits-all cleaning process doesn’t work, one-size-fits-all cleaning agents mean you’re either overcleaning or undercleaning — and both represent inefficiencies. Ecolab provides an industry-leading product portfolio, targeting our innovative chemistries to solve your specific cleaning challenges — and help you realize significant improvements in cleaning reliability, consistency and efficiency.

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