Vari-Lens2 with a full microscope

Vari-Lens2™ Microscope Equipment drapes

Inspiring confidence in microscope draping with improved visual accuracy Vari-Lens2™ maximizes resolution, minimizes glare and safely maintains the sterile barrier. Surgeons can now enjoy a new level of confidence and performance with these microscope drapes.

*Note: Medical devices advertised here may not have been licensed in accordance with regional regulations or country specific (e.g. Canadian) laws.
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Product Details

Part No Description Size Quantity/CS
6100VL2 Microscope Drape, Zeiss® with Vari-Lens2™ 122 x 305 cm 10
6110VL2 Microscope Drape, Zeiss® with Vari-Lens2™ 122 x 203 cm 10
6120VL2 Microscope Drape, Zeiss® with Vari-Lens2™ 132 x 381 cm 10
6130VL2 Microscope Drape, Leica® with Vari-Lens2™ 117 x 305 cm 10
6140VL2 Microscope Drape, Leica® with Vari-Lens2™ 132 x 406 cm 10
6150VL2 Microscope Drape, Leica® with Vari-Lens2™ 117x 203 cm 10
Vari-Lens2 is number one versus the competition in tumble abrasion


This test measures the scratch resistance of the lens surface using various types of abrasive materials. A higher test result means a higher quality lens that will resist abrasion and scratching.

Vari-Lens2 is number on versus the competition in light transmission

This test quantifies the portion of light that is transmitted through a medium without being absorbed or scattered. A higher test result means a higher quality lens that will not interfere with the amount of light passing through it.

Vari-Lens2 is #1 vs. the leading competition in spectral reflectance (glare)

This test uses a spectrophotometer to measure the consistency of the light reflected off of the surface of a lens. if various wavelength pass through the lens material differently , the image will be out of focus. A lower test result means a lens that will allow more light to pass through it.
Vari-Lens2™ Features

• Higher scratch resistance (less tumble abrasion)

• Improved light transmission (reduced scatter/ interference)

• Lower spectral reflectance (less glare)

• Enhanced definition (resolution)

• Larger objective lens cover is easier to grip and manipulate