Paint Booth Monitoring

Total Paint Booth Management

Automotive paint shops involve a wide array of process areas that require close monitoring and control for optimal quality paint jobs playing a critical role in DPU counts and first-time quality (FTQ) rates. Managing your paint shop and suppliers is complex. Nalco Water Total Paint Booth Management can help optimize paint booth efficiencies, simplify supplier accountability and lower your total cost of operations through holistic paint booth solutions.

Comprehensive Coverage of OEM Paint Processes

The pretreatment process, air supply house, VOC abatement system, oven, paint booth, dry filter booth, sludge pit or hopper, air and water quality all play a critical role in DPU counts and FTQ rates.

Air Supply House

With a focus on first-time quality and defects per unit, Nalco Water continuously monitors volume, pressure differential and air quality to optimize cost and quality. Data-driven control and management of humidification and filter systems has decreased particle counts by 34%.

Paint Booth Air Flow

Nalco Water pro-actively monitors air balance and flow through the air supply house to the paint booth, providing controlled operations, mitigating defect risks and unpredictable booth performance factors.

Paint Overspray and Sludge Pit

Nalco Water leverages specific automotive experience and innovative paint overspray technology to address operational cost, quality, environmental goals through downdraft and cross-draft management of the booth, APEX™ paint detackification program and sludge handling.
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Dry Booth Maintenance and Management

Nalco Water and our managed operations team deliver optimized dry booth performance and cost savings. Our comprehensive approach combines data and expertise to fully mange all variables of the dry booth operations. Nalco Water helps customers achieve uninterrupted production and extended asset life through proactive dry booth monitoring, overspray control, air flow and filter management. Our managed operations team can deliver extended filter life, translating to a reduction in replacement costs. Our approach can be applied to all paint booth systems based on customized service needs.

Paint Booth Water Flow

The water flow and balancing program audits each paint booth to record trends and identify at-risk zones. Through visual inspection, comprehensive reporting, and best practices, water flow and balancing has delivered cleaning cost savings, reduced waste, greater performance and improved paint booth efficiency.

Paint Shop Production Line


Nalco Water understands the challenges facing automotive manufacturers. Our industry experts offer comprehensive automotive solutions to help meet operational and sustainability goals. 

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