Supersoak orange tank on wheels

SuperSoak™ Concentrate

Decarbonizing Power made safer, faster and easier. Regular use of SuperSoak™ Concentrate dramatically improves pan cleanliness, extending pan life over time.

Safer, faster and easier cleaning of pans and trays.

SuperSoak™ Concentrate is a proprietary blend of surfactants, alkalinity, and a metal protecting agent designed to delivery powerful soil removal without requiring personal protection equipment. In combination with our safe and robust mobile tank it delivers the best solution to remove heavy grease and carbon buildup on trays and pans.

  • Softens heavy grease and carbon buildup
  • Cuts cleaning time in half
  • Pans, pots and utensils last longer
  • Requires no gloves or goggles
  • Aluminum-safe
  • Safe and robust mobile tank
  • On-site service and training