Pre-Milking Products

Pre-Milking Udder Care Products

Advancing Milk Quality

Dirty teats are vehicles of pathogens which, if not removed, can contaminate milk and other animals (cross-contamination). Pre-milking cleansing has several aims:

  • Eliminate pathogenic germs and spores, avoiding cross-contamination
  • Keep the skin of the teats smooth, soft and elastic, to better bear with the stress of milking
  • Stimulate milk emission

Our Pre-Milking Range

The innovative development of Ecolab’s pre-milking foam is recognized as an important step forward in the management and control of environmental mastitis. The dense foam of Ecolab’s products covers the teat completely and without dripping; its bubbles, when bursting, release a mechanical energy that guarantees a high level of hygiene and disinfection.

Pre-Milking Udder Care Products

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