How We Helped a Norwegian Dairy Customer Maintain Full Production – and Save Money

TINE milk package

The Situation

While a lot of time and energy was spent looking into customer demand and supply of product, the COVID-19 crisis also made our teams realize and appreciate the power of remote customer solutions like 3D TRASAR™ Technology, and how to make them even better. 

TINE SA is Norway's largest producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products with 11,400 member owners and 9,000 cooperative farms.

Ecolab’s 3D TRASAR™ Technology for CIP enabled our Food & Beverage team in Norway to remotely deliver cost savings for TINE’s Byrkjelo site, and, more importantly, help avoid reduced production due to wastewater issues. 

Morten Løvstad, account manager and Terje Nygard, business development manager, had already visited this Ecolab customer many times before the pandemic hit. So, when there was an issue, and travel was restricted, they were able to pinpoint and solve the issue from a distance via 3D TRASAR™.

„In times like this I think it is important to see that Ecolab has the ability to adjust and deliver quality and service to our customer. It is good to see that team spirit, and motivation has been - and still is – high.“

Birger Fagernes

District Manager F&B Norway, Ecolab

Wastewater treatment plant

The Challenge

The site had big issues with sludge bulking in their wastewater treatment plant, risking reduced production enforced by local authorities, due to technological challenges with treatment of sludge.

Plant control room

The Solution

Ecolab’s 3D TRASAR™ Technology for CIP, together with the System Assurance Center, enables Ecolab and the customer to observe and analyze washes from a distance to improve conformity.

  1. Exceptions were identified using the CIP wash library and wash summary for analysis by Ecolab CIP experts. Fact summary was also used for turbidity and conductivity in drains from different CIP lines.
  2. Ecolab experts pinpointed the problem, with the specific washes and the reason for the exception - in this case product loss in rinse, and when in the wash the other failures occur.
  3. The production manager for TINE site, together with his local team online, was able to take corrective actions at once.
Female plant worker on stairs

The Results

As a result, the TINE Byrkjelo site:

  • Maintained full production during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Reduced COD in wastewater to below limited values for waste treatment
  • Saved $107 thousand annually by reducing product loss before and in rinses when starting CIP cleaning

Cost savings aside, the customer was appreciative of the extra support during a difficult time.

“TINE appreciates Ecolab’s support and contribution during this stressful incident, and we are pleased with having Ecolab’s competence in CIP, waste and drainage,” said John Reidar Krøke, Production manager at TINE Byrkjelo. 

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