Wet Paint Booth Management
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Many paint booths use a wet scrubber that recirculates, these require a chemical paint detackification program to keep critical paint booth surfaces clean, ensure clean return water to the booth, and minimize the amount of sludge produced for haul-off. All major manufacturers have environmental goals that include solid waste reduction. By producing a dryer sludge, an effective paint detackification program can significantly reduce overall solid waste at the plant.

Nalco Water provides holistic paint detackification chemical programs and operations management in over 50 automotive plants globally. Our industry experts can tailor the program to your specific operation, from waterborne to solvent-borne paints, and in all stages of the painting process – base, primer, and even the most challenging 2K-clearcoats.


Total Paint Booth Management

Paint detackification is one of many critical components of Total Paint Booth Management. Automotive paint shops involve a wide array of process areas that require close monitoring and control to achieve efficient paint shop operations. Learn more about the process areas of the paint shop Nalco Water can help to optimize.

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