An antimicrobial whole body washing lotion and foam that maximises cleaning and decolonization without compromising skin compatibility. Thus being the reliable alternative for nursing team and patient.

Product Details

Our performance Your advantage
Broad and residual efficacy spectrum Skinsan™ Scrub N is effective against bacteria (incl. MRSA and MRGN), yeast and enveloped viruses and shows residual efficacy over 24 hours, thus protecting patients from recolonization. Its efficacy is proven according to latest efficacy standards and in daily clinical routine.
Excellent skin compatibility allowing product leave-on The synergistic combination including skin caring components ensures the skin being decolonized and cleaned as well as moisturized and hydrated. Skinsan™ Scrub N’s outperforming skin compatibility and caring properties are proven in dermatological tests in vitro as well as in daily clinical use. Skinsan™ Scrub N can be left on the skin, no rinsing required.
Convenient for both healthcare worker and patient The customized formats available ease the decolonization procedure of both mobile and immobile patients. Skinsan™ Scrub N Foam supports application into hard to reach body folds to ensure complete decolonization.


◢ MRSA whole body decolonization, including hair

◢ General reduction of microbial skin flora

◢ Hygienic hand washing



MRSA whole body decolonization and general reduction of microbial skin flora:

Apply sufficient amount of Skinsan™ Scrub N/Scrub N Foam undiluted onto pre-wetted wash cloths or apply directly onto the skin, following existing procedures. Wash the whole body, face and hair. For MRSA whole body decolonization repeat daily as part of a decolonization bundle until decolonization has been proven.


Hygienic hand washing:

Rub 3ml (washing lotion) or 4 pump hubs (foam) into dry hands for 30 seconds, wash off afterwards.


100g liquid contain:

0.9g Chlorhexidine digluconate,

0.9g Didecyldimethylammonium chloride


Use biocide products with caution. Always read the label and product information before use.

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