Disinfectant for Dialysis Machines

Peresal is a special disinfectant peracetic acid for treatment of water and dialysate line system of dialysis equipment.

Product Details

  • Extremely effective at removing carbonate residue from any dialysis system
  • Highly economical
  • High material compatibility

Application area

For disinfection and decalcification of extracorporeal haemodialysis devices at operating temperature.

Instructions for use

Peresal is used in approx. 3% concentration and is effective within 5 - 15 minutes. It is important during use to follow the instructions provided by the device manufacturer.  The solution can be completely rinsed off, leaving no residues.

Proof of residue free rinsing:

Moisten potassium iodide paper with the effluent dishwater for approx. 5 seconds. The device has been rinsed sufficiently if the paper shows no discoloration. (Please compare with the feed water from device additionally). Do not mix with any other cleaning and disinfection solution. Forms chlorine gas when used in combination with products containing or releasing active chlorine.


100g contain the following active ingredients: 4g Peracetic acid, 26g hydrogen peroxide.

Microbiological and virological test results

Effective against bacteria, yeasts in a near practice test with PVC tubing 3.0 5 min
Bactericidal - According to EN 13727, clean conditions 0.1 5 min
Yeasticidal - According to EN 13624, clean conditions 1.0 5 min
Tuberculocidal - According to EN 14348, dirty conditions 2.0 15 min
Virucidal - According to EN 14476, dirty conditions 3.0 5 min

Please read label and product information.

For professional use only.




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