ECOLAB Textile Care developed a sustainable washing solution for sunscreen stains

June 03, 2018
ECOLAB Textile Care Division developed a sustainable washing solution to treat sun cream stains

For many, the arrival of summer means vacation and quality time spent outdoors with family and friends. For commercial laundries, textile rental companies and hotels, the warmer summer months represent an uptick in sunscreen use and, as a result, textiles heavily soiled with sunscreen residuals.

To effectively remove the sunblock stains left behind, laundry operators face the inevitable extra costs associated with a second wash, due to the increase in product, water and energy use. Not to mention the additional time and effort.

Over the past two years the Ecolab Textile Care team has conducted thorough studies and developed a solution based on the EU Ecolabel-registered washing program OxyGuard40 to remove these challenging stains, without compromising quality or adding to the overall cost of operations.

Want to learn more?

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